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Game Update 1.0.2

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Wassup y'all, this is a small update. We just added a few things and updated and fixed a few things to make the server more playable. We soon will be working on a really big update where the server will be down for a few days. The next update will be a pretty big one as big scripts will be changed around and updated and we will be adding a lot more new things into the server so be sure to stay in tuned and check sneak peeks in the discord to see any new things that are coming up.

- Added /bill and /seize for PD
- Added a new YMAP and MLO on Vermont Ave.
- Added a new liquor store on Vermont Ave.
- Added L keybind for locking cars
- Added /vsell for people to be able to sell their vehicles to other people
- Added /vgivekey to give car keys to people
- Added a message for the whole server to see when someone gets banned
- Added the following cars to PDM:
     2008 Toyota Camry
     1982 Chrysler New Yorker
     1982 Cadillac Cimarron
     2020 Honda Accord
     Chevrolet Suburban
     Chevrolet Tahoe

- Removed the lockpicking for housing script

- Fixed /f for EMS and PD
- Fixed the wardrobe for the housing script
- Fixed the clothing for males and females when going to jail
- Fixed the bug with the jail time
Not open for further replies.