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Game Update 1.0.3

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Wassup y'all, this is another small update that added a few new things and made a few other things better then before. We are trying to get this server to the best it can be. This is why we keep updating almost every day and try to add more things for everyone to do around the city. We want people to be able to enjoy the server and its activities. We will soon add in more features in a upcoming big update. It will add more things to the server for everybody to do. We are still looking for mappers at the moment so please contact us if you know anyone who can map or you yourself know how to map. We would appreciate the help. With that being said here are the changelogs

- Added new church MLO in Inglewood
- Added new DJ script and job
- Added /dj command for people with the DJ job
- Added new locations for people to DJ in at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, Club Medusa, Bahamas Mamas, and Tequi-la-la
- Added /adminduty command for admins, if a admin is on duty then their names will show up in the local OOC chat as their steam names. If the admin is management the color would be purple, if they are a lead admin their color will be blue, if they are a game admin then the color will be light blue.

- Removed sunbathe3 emote due to players being able to exploit with it

- Fixed little issues with the /pm script

- Updated the PM script so that admins have different color names depending on their role just like the /adminduty
- Updated the /admins command, now players will see the names of the admins that are online and they will also get to see if the admin is on duty or not
Not open for further replies.